Details from Police IG, Mohammed Abubakar’s visit to Imo State.


Acting Inspector General of Police, Mohammed D. Abubakar was in Imo recently. During the courtesy call visit to Governor Okorocha at the State house, he disclosed that the aim of  his visit was to  re-evaluate and assess the security situation in Imo especially on the challenges of armed robbery and kidnapping. He thanked the Imo State government for its numerous assistance to the force and pledged the reciprocation of such gesture by the police through effective security services. He also assured that the police authority was poised to stamp out the harassment and detention of innocent Nigerians and ensure justice and rule of law among the people.

In response, Gov.Okorocha  commended the Nigeria Police for bracing up to the challenge of securing the lives and property of the people of the nation.  Excerpts from a Press Release made available to IMO STATE BLOG read as follows:

 The Governor decried the poor living conditions of the officers and men of the force and advised that the authorities of the Nigeria Police should liaise with the state governments in the 36 states of the federation on ways of improving their infrastructures in different states. He enjoined the police authority to assist the Imo State government in its mission of establishing a fourth-tier government by re-invigorating the community policing services of the force.

The governor also asked the IG of police to grant the state government the approval to relocate the Imo State Police Command to a more spacious and befitting site. He equally thanked President Goodluck Jonathan for adopting a more mature and resolute approach to the security challenges facing the country in present time, noting that Nigeria strength lies on its unity and indivisibility.

Governor Okorocha enjoined the Police boss to re-introduce discipline and accountability in the rank and file of the service and also to adopt effective ways of appreciating efficient and gallant policemen and women.  


Nice! Really thoughtful of Gov.Okorocha to bring up the living conditions of the Police officers. If the Federal Government pays more attention to their welfare, they will stop harassing us on the road for money.



Meanwhile, at the highlighted part in red above,  did we  read where Gov.Okorocha asked the IG of Police to  grant the state government approval to relocate the Imo State Police Command to a more spacious and befitting site? HIAAA!!!! Daddy Rochas abia kwa ozo!!


 Are you thinking what I’m thinking?



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