Daddy Jonathan should mind Nigeria’s business and leave Guinea Bissau alone!!

I don’t even know how to position my fingers on the keyboard and type what I want to type. Where do I start?

Which President neglects his burning house to quench fire in a neigbour’s yard? Answer – ONLY PRESIDENT GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN!!!!


It hasn’t been 72 hours since these Boko Haramic cowards shook the Nation with their bombings. Please use your eyes to read exerpts of what PM news is reporting.

“President Goodluck Jonathan has warned against the disruption of constitutional order and democracy in Guinea-Bissau following reports that a group of dissident soldiers has attacked the headquarters of the Armed Forces of that country.

“Mindful of its Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance that prohibits unconstitutional change of government, ECOWAS calls on the people and the Armed Forces of the country to refrain from any action that is capable of endangering the constitutional order, rule of law and democratic institutions of Guinea-Bissau,” said Jonathan.

Presido is warning them in Guinea Bissau yet, he cannot handle common Boko Haram under his nose.  Which soldier will listen to him?

That is why we should always apply the golden words of wisdom in the Bible in whatever we are doing. Matthew Chapter 7 vs 5 says:

“You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”

  As Nigerians, we should learn to mind our business especially when we know our kitchen is on fire. This aproko / busy body work we do all the time ends up ridiculing us. HO HA.

Enough of Presido for today abeg. Enjoy our Music selection for the day. If you decide to read any other meaning to the song, you are on your own.




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